Tradesies: 26" Icepiker Pro 2.35 for 2.1? - SETTLED

Hey all,

I just bought a set of Ice Spiker Pro Evo 26x2.35 and am concerned the tire may not fit the frame on the rear.

Does anyone have a decent used Ice Spiker 26x2.1 they would like to trade for a 2.35? I just want to trade one and keep my front as 2.35.

Note, I bought the Ice Spiker because it is factory made and does not need a liner. Also, I like the aggressive stud count. So I’m only interested in the same.


Hey Jeff,

I have a Nokian 2.1 that I’d trade (plus some cash, cause these have about a dozen rides on em). Equivalent stud count, quality, aggressiveness, etc.

Does that work for you?

Sounds interesting @brightwhite. I just want to trade one if that’s OK.

I’ll message you.

Did you make this deal? I have ice spiker with ONE ON RIDE THEM. would be keen to trade