Trail Bucket List 2015

I rarely get to travel very far to ride and I didn’t get to a couple of trails this year that I usually get to at least once in a year. So for 2015 I’m going to try and get to some trails I rarely or have never been to in no particular order:

  1. Anima Mundi (2013)
  2. Grey Mountain (10+years ago)
  3. 9 Mile River (never been)
  4. The Gorge (10+ years ago)
  5. Woodville/The Links (10+years ago)
  6. The COB (never been)
  7. Spider Lake (2013)
  8. Fitzpatrick Mountain (10+ years ago)
  9. Keppoch (never been)
  10. Uniacke Estates (walk & ski but never bike)

Good idea! I had similiar thoughts for a thread but you beat me to it!

Aside from the ‘usual spots’ that I rode a fair bit (Whopper, Spider, Fight, The Cob, Rifle Range) I got to knock a few places off my list;

  • Nine Mile River (I think I rode there the year before, but got out there a few times this year)
  • Gore
  • Victoria Park
  • The Reservoir (again I rode there the previous year, but I got there atleast once this year)
  • Burgherhill 4X
  • The Gorge/Scoliosus/P2
  • The Links

Still on the to-do list;

  • Anima Mundi
  • Cape Split
  • Fitzpatrick
  • Keppoch
  • Brookvale
  • Evil Burch
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