Trail Etiquette?

I’ve been seeing a lot of posts on the Facebook about trail etiquette lately recently one such post linked to the Nova Scotia Trails Federation suggested list of rules:

Their suggested list for Mountain Biking includes one point “Do not ride under conditions where you leave evidence of passing, i.e. after rain or snow” they don’t suggest this for any other trail user group. After it snows? What’s up with that?

We are the enemy don’t you know?

Had to laugh at the equestrians “Always clean up after your horse” Like that ever happens.

Yeah I know… where can I buy one of those Tilley halos?

Appears to be written with 0 input from cyclists. I almost feel bad for them, they probably think they invented something new. IMBA’s been around for how many years now?

On second thought forget the Tilley Hat I’m just going to get me some of these tires and I can do no wrong…


Leave only footprints…

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