Trail list

Hey, I was just wondering if there was a page or a list of all the trails in HRM? I live beside shubie park and the only trails I’ve really heard about are whopper and spider.
Also curious as what trails are the smoothest and flowy? Thanks

Check out the Trail Maps section for some maps, directions, and if you have any questions regarding any specific trails we’ll give any feedback we can.

Also make sure to join us on the weekly mountain bike rides to explore the local trails. The rides take place every Tuesday evening, and the location is posted the Sunday before.

Smooth, flowy and Nova Scotia aren’t really words that you see together too often…
The trails around Kentville area are your best choices for that (Woodville/The Links, The Gorge ect.). The new stuff in Wolfville are smooth and fast, just not very long as it still under construction.

In HRM, you’re going to find a lot of rock, roots, and technical. Spider Lake, MacDonald Park and maybe The Range in Bedford are probably your best bets for some smooth and flowy sections. In any case it’s so much better to ride with people who know the trails. At any given trail system some ways flow better than others.

Sometimes you have to bring your own flow. :slight_smile:

Nine Mile River (on a dry day)
Fitzpatrick Mountain

I find the flip side trail at whopper can be flowy, in its own way.