Trail maps of Halifax (and beyond!):

Hey guys/gals, I often have new/potential riders ask me if there’s good trail maps for the Halifax/Dartmouth area, and I don’t usually have a good answer. For new users it’s great to be able to throw them an easy to remember website. So … I put together a little mashup of TrailForks (an awesome free crowdsourced mapping platform) on a site - Check it out, let me know what you think.

Or even better - contribute to the collection of trails. Many of the names and details could use some work, and it’d be great to get more trails on there. Please let me know if I’ve got any secret trails on there by accident (I don’t think I do). It’s pretty easy to upload and crop gpx, or import from your strava account.

Still working on the Wrandees - that’s a mess of tiny trails, and I don’t know most of the names. I’ll just wing it.

It’d be great to get all the Pedal Trout trails on there eventually.


  • Dave

I’m assuming that If I upload a trail to directly it appear on the map on your page? You should be able to download the Google Earth file with most of the trails listed in the trails section here on Pedaltrout and upload them to Trailforks. There are a lot of trails sites popping up lately. I do like Trailpeak and Recreation Nova Scotia is in the Alpha stages of their crowd sourced trail mapping project Wanderstream.

There’s a lot of trail map websites, with redundant data. Maybe directing them to Pedaltrout or Trailforks directly would be simpler as they are MTB specific already? Just sayin’.

Yeah the .com is just a tiny page that embeds a trailforks widget that shows the trails in Halifax. All the trail stuff is just done inside Trail Forks - so if anyone uploads or makes changes to the trails, it’ll show up on that page (and on TrailForks). Which is nice - now anyone can do it (it gets moderated though). I just created the .com so I could have something to tell someone that was very easy to remember / wouldn’t need to be written down. I don’t really see it as anything else but a welcome site that forwards people off to Pedal Trout/Trail Forks.

Eventually it’d be great to have browsable trail maps on the Pedal Trout “trail maps” section - much like how the site looks now. It would be a lot easier for unsophisticated users than having to download/install/use google earth.

I’ve been playing with the Pedal Trout data, uploading it to Trail Forks - it’s a time consuming process since they want individual trail segments, so there’s a lot of cropping/etc. But it’s definitely nice to have all that data!

Trailpeak is ok (hasn’t evolved much though), but Trail Forks is so much more advanced, especially when it comes to collaborating on existing trails. Looking forward to their mobile app too. Eventually Wanderstream could fill that role too (once it’s available). Since the data on trail forks is well managed and entirely open, it’ll be easy to import it on the Wanderstream site too.

I know what you mean about different websites with redundant data - that’s why having something like this that can be easily maintained over time by the community is so much better.

What ever happened to the trails section of PedalTrout? That used to be a good source.

They are here:

They are getting pretty dated, however. Awesome though.

We’re building right now so if you have any ideas feel free to let me know.

I like the TrailForks functionality. I’m wondering if we could (eventually) host a page with a TrailForks view of a particular trail but with a discussion thread hosted on our site.

We need to get basic functionality up first though.

@mojito, I think what you are doing here is a good thing. by the way. If it leads to more people finding proper trails to ride for their interests and ability that would be awesome.

With Pinkbike’s backing TrailForks will almost certainly gain traction. Additionally, it should see more vetting and updates than we would provide.

I’m wondering if there would be an issue with extracting a Strava segment and adding it. The whopper trails are missing the Farside trail.

Just added farside trail:

@JeffV - I wasn’t sure if people wanted the farside trail on there or not - thanks for adding it.

I don’t see any issues with extracting Strava segments - TrailForks has that functionality built right in when adding a trail, but it has to be from your rides, you can’t import someone else’s segments.

Yeah, you can totally embed trail details from trailforks within your own site (so you can have comments/etc) - check out for all their embeddable widgets. I think it’s perfect for what you describe.

Thanks Jeff