Trail News from Fredericton

Some news from the folks in Freddy Beach:

On behalf of RVC, I’m very pleased to announce that K-Line Construction is an River Valley Cycling Sponsor. Kendall Wright of K-Line Construction has recently donated $500 to RVC, and has provided RVC with a construction process to build buffed mountain bike trail with an excavator. It is REALLY nice to have this process ironed out. Kendall provided an excellent operator with over 25 years of experience to work with RVC on the first project within the RVC Membership Park. As a result, the project was a huge success with many people enjoying the new trail which is named “Wright of Way”. The excavator cost associated with building this portion of trail was $3300 of RVC Membership money. The RVC Executive looks forward to starting another project potentially this Fall. Details to follow. Thanks!

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