Trail Pass Types

In my efforts to support various local trail systems I’ve come across a wide variety of trail pass types. The recent @WentworthMTB post reminded me of this. While I’ve never been “carded” on a trail, I try to make sure I have the relevant pass on me. Just wondering what types people prefer or have experienced in other places?
-McRun (a weatherproof card, easily ziptied to a pack. Mailed to you or pick up at LBS)
-Wentworth (small sticker-they advise stick it to bike or helmet, mailed or pick up at LBS)
-Empire trails ( a printable ticket when you pay online)
-Brunello (a paper receipt when you pay in the golf shop)
-Keppoch (silicon wrist band and a sticker for your car in the parking lot, mailed or picked up in the lodge)

My 2 cents. If you’re going to have a trail pass, good signage indicating it must be posted at the entrance of the parking lot and trail head. Additionally, if you’ve got the ability to check trail passes you can certainly have an excel file of members on your phone and quickly search names. (RVC does this it seems). That being said Wentworth sticker is superior in all ways. You can tell a meme er without interrupting someone’s ride. That’s the way to go.

Maybe I’m a bit entitled, but questioning me on the side of the trail about passes isn’t something I enjoy. Just like most people buy a hunting/fishing licence still don’t want to interact with DNR/DFO or you don’t want to have your papers checked at a random stop by the police.


Just an FYI McIntosh Run does not require a membership or trail pass to use the trails but donating to the MRWA goes to building and maintaining the trails.

Never had issues with RVC in Fredericton, their membership only really applies to Marysville which is on private property and it’s worth supporting their efforts there. All other trails in Fredericton are open to the public or unsanctioned, no membership required.

We live in a digital age now but some people don’t have credit cards or don’t want to/can’t etransfer money or use their phone to pay. Would be nice to see cash donation box and paper waiver options. I understand that these are targets for theives and the reluctance to offer this however.