Trail Running

Been pondering about the explosion of trail running, and the impact on local trail infrastructure.

I will pre face this by saying. I actually love it, and do it quite a bit with my dog. Its an amazing sport and honestly some of the local accomplishments are nothing short of spectacular. Its one of those sports with limitless goals really. Its humbling.

Major Kudos to the guys showing up and picking up garbage as well. Its awesome.

My concern as someone who helps build/maintain trails and generally cares about the overall scene is the actual impact of a group of 10-50 runners.

Are there any? Are there any examples of that scene creating their own networks?

Does anyone know the overall opinion of them with MTBs? Are we all jiving out there?

I dug up the following article which has some great points, maybe some are not valid for NS but I do think its good to open up a dialogue. The title of the article is a bit triggering for sure, but OM is a legit source of info imo.

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I have seen an increase in trail runners and have wondered the same in regards to trail impact. Great topic.

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My chiropractor is very active in the trail running community. The thoughts that she has expressed to me about mountain bikers / sharing the trails have all been positive.

Any trail runners I have encountered have always been positive encounters - I think we have many things in common - love of the outdoors, challenging ourselves, the camaraderie of participating in a sport with others to mention a few.