Trail Snare

Just encounter this human snare on Suzy lake loop at Whopper!
Luckily for me I was riding slowly on corn snow, still only just stopped in time. Had it been normal conditions I would not have been able to stop in time.
This was designed to hurt someone as it’s at face height, three crossings of the trail and the twine required significant force to break.
Be careful out there, we have some real douche bags around HRM.

I don’t even understand. Not saying this doesn’t happen elsewhere but I certainly don’t hear about this being as frequent a problem as around HRM. Especially at Whopper for some reason.

This crap is ridiculous.


What the heck is someone thinking?

:frowning: I saw a lot of this kinda thing in Toronto. In the Don Valley. Sabotaged trail features, barbwire & other inventive instruments of mayhem. It’s very unfortunate. This could cause serious injury and I don’t think that the person building them is completely aware of just how dangerous it is. I’ve seen traps like this seriously injur/kill riders. In Toronto the municipality places wildlife cameras strategically to try and catch/dissuade this kind of activity. Maybe time for the HRM to start monitoring trail activity a bit. Sometimes a presence no matter how small is enough to deter most pranksters. Catch one and make an example of them by pressing charges & publishing news articles.


Would be even tougher to see flying through at night. Yikes. @Nige where exactly was it at?

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Where exactly was this?

I’ll try to get the exact location from my garmin data and post it. Unless someone knows how to get my gps position from that iPhone picture.

This is hard to accept. I was willing to believe that the “bridge flipping” going on here was just a childish prank but this is so deliberately meant to harm someone. Glad you are ok @Nige. All it would have taken was watery eyes for a moment and someone wouldn’t have seen this. Sad.


38 PM
Added the picture to my Strava then took a screen shot so you can see where it is.


It’s brutal. This easily could have destroyed an eye or given a nasty laceration to the face or neck.

Thanks for the location. GPS data is stripped from the photo that’s posted here and Facebook.

Here’s how it looked on gopro. I guess the cursing was just in my head.
Trail Snare

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In the late spring last year someone had snapped saplings and bent them across the trail for about 30 yards in the area just before the junction with Green Mile. Definitely meant to stop a rider and perhaps send a message. There are so few people using this area and the damage caused by MTB is almost nonexistent. I just don’t see what the issue is here. I can hardly imagine an enviro-terrorist snapping a bunch of trees but this is different. This persons’ time would be better spent chained to an excavator somewhere.

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Definitely worth reporting to… Someone or somewhere? Not sure who that would be tho. Awareness definitely needs to be spread. Dirty bastards

RCMP maybe?

In the process of filing a report with Halifax Regional Police.


Would love to hear updates in regards to the results and how they handle this.


Chris, they are referring it to DNR to go have a look at the area. I’ve offered to take them to exact location. Waiting to hear from DNR.


In my opinion seems a bit more criminal and menacing than what DNR is equipped for. Its not a tree stand too close to a road and it isnt a dead deer on the hwy. Was a blatant and intentional intent to harm