Trail work this Saturday May 14 - Nine Mile River Trail

Trail work this Saturday (May 14), 9:30am -
Prep work to get ready to rebuild the Rock Bridge. The Rock Bridge has been getting pretty rough and has poor water flow.
We need to move a pipe to the Rock Bridge and move rocks to the site in preparation for the build. We’ll also need to move tools to the site so they will be ready to be used. We won’t start the rebuild this week, as rebuilding it will probably take a full work day session, and we’re hoping to bring in an expert on rock work to lead the build.
We will also look at the muddy sections on the hill above the Rock Bridge. They may be pretty dry this weekend, but it won’t take much rain to turn them back to mud. We’ll assess what needs to be done with them and possibly work on a couple of them.
We’ll meet at the trailhead at 9:30am. @CyclingGirl and I will ride our bikes in. Feel free to walk in, come late, and/or leave early.


Did the Rock Bridge rebuild last Saturday. Thanks @adventurer, @CyclingGirl, @darkmyth, @Joanna , and non-ecmtber Galen!



A few in-process pictures: