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Thanks everyone for the good vibes!

Thanks for the good work!

Need more trail stoke?


Is there a day to day work being done, love to get involved, volunteer some time when I have some, or are they jst in begining stages now?

Hey Sprocket,

We’re going to be tapering work down for the winter soon but do for sure have a few good days left to work this season. We always welcome volunteers. I’ll PM you some info, tonight!

The progress that has been made on the trails is fantastic. All the bridgework is solid and built to last. The plans for future trails are going to impress anyone on a mountian bike. Along with the singletrack trails there will be a skills park as well.

Once completed this project will boast 5-7 km of singletrack around a picturesque lake. You’ll be able to bring your whole family and everyone will enjoy their day!

Look on their site or their facebook presence for all their updates.

Trailflow will be hosting some Snowshoeing adventures and clinics this winter. As we all know cycling in the winter happens a little less than we like outdoors. This is a great opportunity to get outdoors, use the same trails or learn new trails, while getting an amazing total body work out.

It also beats down the trails for cycling purposes too, but that’s just another bonus.

For more info:!/trailflow?fref=pb


Some updates on the Snowshoeing sessions that Trailflow will be hosting: