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There is still room for the Discover Snowshoeing program on Sunday.

Check here for more details:

This looks like so much fun! When will it be open?

Many of us know Ryan Lindh and Michelle Marcinkiewicz as being very active in the AVMBA and the cycling scene, especially in the DH circles.

Together they created Trailflow, a company which offers the Atlantic Canadian region with services in sustainable trail design, construction, mountain bike guiding and more. You might have seen them at Halifax Bike Week or at one of the many great events in the valley.

To read more about this exciting company, it’s founders and to keep up on all the great work they are doing check out their site at or on facebook at

Ahh cool. Thanks for the shout out Mike!

Some of the great work that Trailflow have been doing in Kentville. This is part of a larger project that will offer trails for all levels of riders in the Kentville/Wolfville area or anyone who is down that way. The Annapolis valley is once again proving they are the mecca for mountain biking in NS.

Stay tuned for updates and information on other projects by Trailflow.

That’s in Wolfville at Reservoir park, part of the first of many new trails we’re working on in there.

We’ve set that trail aside for the moment (waiting on some good dry weather so we can properly pack the tread) and started on the second loop that will be a fun intermediate section. Photos of that one soon!

Looks awesome! That brown stuff looks neat. What is it? LOL. Gotta love the Valley!

It looks like another world, no roots or rocks. Would like to ride that trail!

Nice work, Ryan and Michelle!

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Thanks for the positive comment folks! The above trail is designed to be a new riders first entry into single track riding, hence the super smoothness of it. Basically its one step up form your novice crusher dust trails in difficulty yet still is a ton of fun for an experienced rider.

Don’t worry about the lack of rocks and roots, they will be showing up on the next trail!


It looks like a lot of fun to me. As I rookie rider I find it difficult to find smooth, flowy single track. I can’t wait to give it a try when it is completed. Great work!

I was up there witht he family walking and couldn’t resist ducking under the ribbon having a look. When that surface packs down it going to be crazy fast, with the cute little berms and everything. It’s going to be a great beginner area with those bridges and little skinnies too.

I also couldn’t resist following the flags through the woods on the other section. There’s some nice lines going on in there can’t wait till it’s rideable. Great work!

When do you suppose some of the sections will be up and running? next spring?

I would say official opening would be spring but once the ground is frozen (and going to stay) that we’ll be able to allow users on the completed sections. I personally would like to be able to open at least the first two sections at one time. That would make for enough of a loop to make it worth people traveling over to check it out.



Teaser shot from the second loop…

Looks awesome! That brown stuff looks neat. What is it? LOL. Gotta love the Valley!

Thanks man. All the soil you see in this photo was hauled in to the site. We topped the entire first trail so it would be buttery smooth!

That’s not a small task!

i am looking forward to getting to ride this with jen… hopefully it will reinject some interest into her riding again. she really is a beginner/intermediate rider and one of the biggest issues is there is not many trails like this single track style stuff for them. there is either crusher stone like shubie or more advanced stuff like spider lake. one of her favorite trails is the 9 mile river loop. this looks like it will compare to that nicely…

great work guys. thanks for your interest and dedication into making off road cycling something EVERYONE can enjoy.

I’m sure Barbara will also enjoy it. She’s slid back a wee bit from her previous skill level a few years ago, but trails like this one, 9Mile and Pumphouse are great for her to progress on.

More work from the good folks at Trailflow:

Photo Here!

Their signature ‘rolling bridge’…nice!

hehee signature bridges. I like it!