Trailflow Skills Park in Wolfville Progress

Just a taste of what’s to come!

  • Kentville. Thats at The Gorge :slight_smile:


I think you need some more photos :slight_smile:

The one in Wolfville looks like it’s shaping up nicely. I think they’re having a work day up there tomorrow (Sunday, Oct 6)

Hi Everyone,

I am glad that you are excited to see the progress of the Skills Park in Wolfville, but please remember that it is an active construction site and you should respect the posted “Do Not Enter” signage. People entering the job site when TrailFlow employees are not present is a major liability issue for TrailFlow and we do not want to risk losing the project in any possible way.

If you would like to see the parks progress please just send either Ryan or myself an email (ryan or michelle or give us a call (300-9449) and we will be more than glad to give you a tour of the park.

We plan on providing updates with photos at a later date but just don’t want to hype the project until we are closer to an opening date.

Thanks for understanding!


Is there a projected opening date?

Sorry Michell and Ryan, I was never good at obeying signs… no disrespect intended. As with riding trails I assume full responsibility for my own actions and health when I am on them.

Anywho, keep up the good work, the trails are fun, a bit lacking on the technical side but they sure are fast, fast, fast!

Hey There, Thanks for understanding! We just want to keep everyone safe.

We will keep you in the loop of our projected opening date once we have a better idea. If all goes well we will be opening a portion of the park this fall… but this is dependant on if we can get our dirt in and packed before the wet season starts…unfortunately (being mid October now) this may mean that we cannot open the park until spring. The pump track and maybe a bit more wooden features is on the agenda for next summer though which will make the park just that much more better.

On another note, if your in the park and see us working please stop by and say hello, we may be able to even let you “test” some of the stuff we are building at the time :wink:

Glad you are enjoying the trails so far… there is still more to come :slight_smile:


**A little update on the park… **

We’ve got a good chunk of the wooden features in now, thou it’s been a struggle with lumber shortages as our local mill has been doing some major upgrades. Right now we have about 20 features roughed in such as drop bridges, roller coaters, berms, rollers, flat bridges, log rides, rainbow bridge, a-frames, etc. Lots more stuff coming soon! Next sunny day I’ll try and get more progress shots.

When the whole park is finished (including the second phase next spring) there will be around 50 features :smiley: . My favourite part of this park is how the layout works. Rather then segregated session zones the majority of the park is broken up in to skills trails, so it will ride like it’s own little stacked loop trail system. The parameter trail will be beginner and you’ll split off in to the smaller loops from there, either more beginner, intermediate or advanced as you work your way around the park. When finished it will flow nicely in the rest of the trails so on trail ride you can cut in to the park, choose a line, ride down the park and cut out back on to the main trails with out needing to stop.

If any one would like a tour, swing by Friday evening for the “Pedal the pumpkin moon” ride and I’ll be glad to show you around.


Please convince a town in HRM to give you all of their money.

Please convince anywhere in HRM to do anything fun/forward thinking.

This would be epic in MacD park. Man, the possibilities!

Seeing first hand the progression, integrity, and passion that trail flow continues to bring to the table makes me think that any town could benefit from trails, skills parks and general good nature of the company they keep. I am not much for dramatic sincerity, but I believe Ryan and Michelle are building communities not just ramps and berms but there connecting us with mountain biking as their base manifesto, and they will continue this drive for exceptional trails even if no one gives them money, but please give them a lions share and they’ll make the most beautiful features to ever grace Nova Scotia’s forests.

Thanks everyone for your support! We need supporters like you to help make possibilities into reality. We are just trying to create the best trails we can and get more people loving the MTB!