Trailflow Snowshoe Race

Event announcement!

With all fresh white stuff outside today seemed like a good day to announce that we’re going to be hosting a snowshoe race this winter! We’ll be offering roughly 5km and 10km options for adults and 1km or 2km races for youth.

The date is Feb 9th, we’ll be announcing the location and full details in the coming days so check back often.

More info is now up on the Facebook page. Looks like we may be having two events. One in Wolfville at Reservoir park on January 26 and a second at a to be announced location on February 9. We’re pretty excited about these events and think they will be a ton of fun!

If any one has any questions feel free to ask. If you register by Jan 14 for the Wolfville race you can save $5. Email to sign up now. :smiley:

This looks like some great events to keep us going during the winter.

Update: The second race on Feb 9 will be at The Gorge in Kentvillle!

Both courses are super fun and great mix of terrain. Don’t forget to preregister to save $5. Deadline for savings on the Wolfville race is Jan 14 and Jan 31 for the Kentville event. Email to get on the savings list.

We have a great group of sponsors on for these events. Big thanks to Dakine, Louis Garneau, Valley Stove & Cycle and TAN Coffee for their generous support!

Not to sound rude, but $25 for a snowshoe race. Isn’t that a little high?

Hi Troy,

Just like when hosting a mountain bike race or any other event for that matter, there is allot to take care of such as insurance, porta-potty rental, awards, posters and other advertising, course prep and flagging, etc. These all take time and money.

We take pride in hoisting high quality events and feel that $25 is a fair price, the $20 pre register price is an even better deal.

If you would like to discuss this further, please feel free to PM me.


No worries on my end, just playing devils advocate. You guys got a plug on CBC info morning the other day, and I have been fielding questions from people who wouldn’t normally be into such things,and seem genuinely interested, but when I tell them the price it turns them off.
I understand that insurance costs really suck and you need to at least break even. However, most folks can not even begin to understand what event insurance is worth.

Thanks. Pricing is a tricky thing to balance. I think we’ve done the best we can to keep it affordable with out cutting the quality. We’ve looked at the costs of other snowshoe races and have found our event to be priced on the lower end with many events running between $40 and $50 per person.

Glad to hear people are talking about the events!

Yeah there is a lot of positive chatter about it. Hopefully we get some fresh powder in time.

To me the price is on the low end of racing opportunities in the province. It is similar to lower cost running races and definitely less than cycling or tri/du. Seems like a reasonable price to me.

The race is a go for Sunday and will feature lots of fresh fluffy white stuff! :smiley:

Should be there.

Who else is going?

Word is that the event was a success and everyone enjoyed themselves. I look forward to the next one and hope to be able to make it!

Our Second race is on for this Sunday in Kentville at The Gorge. We got lots of fresh snow yesterday on top of a good base that we already had on trail. Conditions on Sunday should be excellent! The times were fast t the Wolfville race, with the 10K winner finishing in just over an hour. Will the time fall, I can’t wait to find out!

Race will stat at 1:00, meet at the main trail head at the end of Gladys Porter Dr in Kentville. This is across form the baseball fields for those who are new to the area.

Thanks go our to our sponsors for this race, Dakine, Garneau, TAN Coffee and Valley Stove & Cycle.

One more race coming up this season! We’ve added a late season event at Ski Martock on March 9! Got to love the machine made snow for reliability, they’ll have plenty of the white stuff for us!

Check out our Facebook page for more details:

Imagine if you let fatbikes ride at the same time, er, well, with and earlier start. I could round up some folks, if it was feasible. Or if it’s a headache, something to think of next season… I just thought it would be good to test the waters, as well as put them in the spot light. Seems there are more fatties around than I thought!

Otherwise, since I’m not a runner, I could be interested in helping out, maybe, and riding out to wherever.

And, by Jan 9, did you mean March 9? LOL.

Oi! Yes March 9! :oops:

Silly inventory, soon I will have my Sundays off again!