Trailforks App vs Web

I just noticed the new black trail (Time Flies?) at Mac Run shows up on the Web version of Trailforks but not on the App. Cached version? I cant see how to update. Does that happen for anyone else, or am I getting old? I know in web you can see more then just your defined zone in the app, maybe there is a diff with the app/pro version as to when stuff appears? That or I have reached the age where kids will have to explain to me how to program my remote.

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It’s just showing you a cached version on the app vs a (likely) fresh version on the web.

Go to Settings > Manual Sync > tap Update All Regions and Update Trail Statuses in your app and they should show up.

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Ahh, Iooked for a refresh but didn’t see that. Thanks. Can you show me how to program this remote too? :stuck_out_tongue:

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:joy: can’t help you there unfortunately… maybe there’s an app for that?

Probably but I would be looking at an old cached version :slight_smile: Guess my CS degree wasn’t worth much if I can’t find the refresh cache button

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Does this mean the new trail is open? I would have expected more fanfare!


I walked a bit of it yesterday, the dirt was soft so I’d stay away for the time being. Once it’s ready to go, it looks killer!

Yup, it’s formally open – inspected, approved, closed signs down etc… etc…

For the record, the new stuff breaks down into three trails… Time Flies, Time Out, Wrinkle.

There will be a public announcement, just need a bit of time to get some ducks in a row with respect to sponsors and attribution. You know, fly in the PM, etc… :rofl:
It also isn’t exactly the best time to promote it. There are soft areas that need settling so traffic during warm periods would be bad. Also beware the off-camber seepage ice on granite in the first 100m of Time Flies. Might break a lot of eager-beaver collarbones. :open_mouth:


I wasn’t planning on riding it anytime soon, but it’s great to hear it’s done. Can’t wait to see it