Trailforks Subscription

Looks like Trailforks has moved to a subscription service.

$36/year, but if you are currently a user and purchase before the end of September it’s only $18/year. There is a free version available but you can only view one locked-in area.

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Wondering how this affects garmin users who get it as part of the purchase.

you can delete and re install the app to be able to choose a new area. sorry trail forks, im broke lol

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Was thinking about this today. Just wondered what apps are people using here?

Have used Trailforks and Strava a bit but mainly use Garmin for recording rides HR etc.

I really like the Trailforks App and is great if you are travelling around and are not familiar with the trails. So the $18 doesn’t seem to steep for me.



I really only use TrailForks because I’ve heard that folks like MRWA can use that data to make a case for the need for more trails, or to show increase in ridership and make the case for more funding, etc. Hopefully the move to a subscription service doesn’t impact that. Otherwise, I almost never use it. Maybe someday when I go venturing to systems/towns I’m not familiar with…


You can pair Strava and Trailforks, so one can only imagine they are sharing the same info.

Trailforks is really amazing in my book. From a trail user perspective, they have the best maps for exploring new systems, everywhere I’ve been, hands-down. For a trail association, TF gives so many tools I don’t know where to start.

It’s always a bummer when something that was free starts to cost money, even a small amount. But this had to be expected with such a premium service, and the cost is so little.

Note that even without a paid subscription, the Trailforks app will still work everywhere – you can still record rides etc. The only real difference is that the maps are grayed out, on the app, for a non-paid user outside of his/her home area. The website (desktop) version remains fully accessible for nonpaid users.

MRWA has been pushing TF for navigation and recording rides at McIntosh Run (QR codes lead to the online map, etc). The subscription throws a wrench in this, for sure. Many trail associations, including MRWA, have suggested to TF managment that they give an alternative in which the trail association pays to unlock their region for everyone. That might happen.

(As for Strava – they give zero information to trail associations. I tried to get anonymized information on increases in trail use, etc. and they won’t give you the time of day unless you are a large municipality with deep pockets).


I’m with Lawrence. I’ve gotten extensive use out of TrailForks in the past and still use it these days when exploring somewhere new. The cost, in my eyes, is negligible, especially considering the ridiculous development, upkeep, & money that go into great working apps & websites like theirs.

Also, thanks Derek for the heads up on reduced pricing right now!


Y’all convinced me. Trailforks has always had better policies than strava for sure.

Thier user interfaces have always been clunky but they provide value and are asking for a pretty small amount compared to others.


Nice little video on how to use TrailForks.

How to use the TrailForks app.

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