Trails in Cape Breton

Hi I’ll be in Cape Breton all summer and I’m wondering if anyone knows of any good mtb trails or good spots to build. If anyone knows any or wants someone to ride with in Cape Breton tell me because I’m interested in finding places to ride.

Where in CB?

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Hey @Evan29

I know that @Yanner had done a lot of work in the Mabou region a number of years ago when organizing the dearly departed Across the Highlands challenge. Check Strava for segments, etc.

There’s a new paved pump track in Port Hawkesbury - at the rec fields.

Beyond that, @Rolls might have the skinny on the Sydney region.

Outside of that…hundreds of miles of fireroads at your disposal.
Where are you goingto be staying?


Around Sydney, the only real singletrack I know of is Carmichael Trails. There’s a lot more in there than what you see on Trailforks, but that’ll get you started. The guys at Framework Cycle do group rides there most weeks.

Also you should reach out to Cory Moore @headoverwheels_mtb on insta. He’s building some fun stuff on his own land and looking for help with the build. Also he’s probably your best source for finding trails anywhere in CB. If it’s rideable he knows about it.

Yeah I’ve been talking to Cory he’s building a nice trail in his yard but I was just wondering if there was any more decent stuff other then the stuff on Trailforks

We have a summer place near grand narrows

In between grand narrows and eskasoni

Not too far from Cory. He’s the man.

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I have a list of my favourite rides on the Western side of Cape Breton with Strava links. PM me if interested.