Trails in CB Highlands or St. Ann's Bay

Anyone recommend any mountain biking trails (single track, cart path or fire road) in Cape Breton Highlands (Ingonish area) or St Ann’s Bay?

@heatherlsca unfortunately there’s no singletrack in those areas, but for cart paths near Ingonish check out Branch Pond Look-Off and Clyburn Valley trails.

Near St Anne’s the New Harris Rd. is a really good ride that goes from the Seal Island Bridge to Baddeck.

As stated, there’s not a lot of choices in those areas. I rode the Branch Pond Lookoff trail earlier this summer and enjoyed it. It’s a bit of a climb on the way in (especially if you include the Mary Ann Falls road), but easy and fast on the way out.

Thanks for the info. We ended up doing part of Franey which was tough because of climb and terrain and then we did the Clyburn Valley trail and that was beautiful. At the end of the ride we talked with one of the locals and he suggested a route that took in Franey, Clyburn and the path around Keltic. I am sure that there are some locals that have a few other trails that they use because it is hard to believe that there are not more trails.

I am interested in trying Branch Pond trail the next time I am there.