Trails on PEI suitable for a bike with child trailer?

Hi all,

Was wondering if you have any suggestions for mild trails on PEI suitable for towing a bike trailer. The trailer is a Wee Hoo, so it is a single wheel trailer with the child strapped in. I’ve taken it around Robinson’s Island before without problems, but am looking for something new. Basically after a trail that is relatively flat (trailer and kid weighs almost 100 pounds!) and relatively wide.


The Confederation trail comes to mind. 200+ kms of wide flat rail trail.

We’ve done a lot of the Confederation Trail - it’s great, but sort of boring. Was thinking of something a bit more in the woods with some turns. Something that’s still boring, since there’s the trailer, but less so than the Confederation Trail.


LOL Beat me to it

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Not to hijack the thread but @Drgonzo i knew someone was going to post that on this thread!

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You could try the Homestead Trail in the National Park, Cavendish. There is a bit of a hill but it’s mostly flat to rolling. The trail is wide and smooth, not as wooded or twisty as Robinson’s. Or many of the trails in Rotaty Park, Summerside would be okay.


There’s also the Bubbling Spring Trail and Farmlands Trail in the National Park near Stanhope. Nice wide rolling gravel trails with the occasional small root here and there, but totally rideable with a trailer. Also some great lookouts along the way.

Farmlands and Bubbling Springs Trail

It’s also connected to the paved, multi-use path that runs several kms along the North Shore with stops for food and swimming along the way.