Trails, whats missing?

Hey all,

Am I missing any trails in the trails section?

Also, feel free to jump in and add your two cents to this effort.


Anima Mundi
Wolfville, NS
Trailhead: East Davison St

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Minto Trails
Minto, NB
Trailhead: Northfield Ave
Trailforks: Minto
Website: - Minto

When I get a bit more time I’ll send you a list of trails with trail heads from the Fredericton, NB area

Yeah, thanks.

Also, you can add a trail topic and I will make it a wiki.

Rocky Lake
Pat Mahaney Trail
CB Highlands National Park
Other CB trails???

Hillsborough – @jeffv
Fundy National Park
Greensnake, Alma (Fundy)
MVP, Fredericton
Odell Park, Fredericton
Islandview, Fredericton
Woolastook Park, Fredericton
UNB Woodlot, Fredericton
Hadley Trails, Fredericton
Centennial Park, Moncton
National Cycling Centre, Moncton
Mapleton Park, Moncton
Rockwood Park, Saint John
French Fort Cove

Appin Rd
St. Kitz
MacEachern Rd
Winter River



@rolls I’ll handle Irishman’s Rd

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Should probably include the rail trails and any popular crusher dust trails.

We need to be careful not to create too many trail topics as it may be overwhelming.

Many of the trails topics have just been roughed in. I would like to have a trail head for each trail and if available a trailforks link.

Is there a way to group the trail topics? By province, by skill level, etc. That would make it more manageable/user friendly.

We can create sub categories, but I’m not sure. Lets get these sorted for completeness.

I vote to keep it to singletrack / real mtb loops


Two things I’d like to see on the first pass of edits:

  1. Accurate Trail Head link to google maps.
  2. A mobile friendly first part. (Location, Skill Level, Trail Head)

The use case I’m thinking would be a someone trying to find the trail head from their phone when they are near the area. This would be quick way to get your phone navigation going.

Accuracy will be especially important for this.

After that we can have pictures, links embedded maps and whatnot.

I love the WIKI aspect of these trail posts. Really smart.

I would include something in the titles that indicates approx location. NS/NB/PEI perhaps. or Sub topics…

I like the idea of putting it in the title like this: Reservoir Park (Wolfville, NS)

@bent6543, for Evil Birch trail head, I wonder if we should indicate the hole in the woods we enter by, rather than the parking area and then specify parking options in the notes.

It might be hard to find the entrance starting from the Kent parking lot.

Yeah that’s a tricky one, you’re thinking of this entrance I didn’t use it cuz it’s kinda sketchy.

Yeah, that’s the one.

We may recommend not to park there in the notes. Also, it would be prudent to mention about the active quarry as well.

Do what you think though.

yes all good points, I don’t think you need to ask about changes to the wiki, the people who know best should put in the best information possible.

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I like this title format, but I think there should be sub topics for each provence

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