I wonder if the trails forum gets lost in the shuffle. Like would a new person to the site find it?

Perhaps make a link to that category in the top bar where it says “Welcome to ecmtb” ?

Also the categories in the drop down list could be re-ordered so “Trails” appears at or near the top. Right now it’s way down at the end below “Staff” which makes is seem like an after thought.

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We could add a trails link to the welcome message.

Occasionally, the category will pop up as we edit them too. We swamped the front page when we created them but we could still be checking and fixing too.

I added a link to the welcome banner. (incognito to see it)

Also, I was only able to sort the categories on this view:

The rumbling on the discourse site indicates that they are aware of the issue and will fix in a future release.

I think it might be easier to see if it just came after “Also we have a blog”. Google might pick that up too better?