Trainer time

I have allot of spinnervals and CTS

but these are also cool too

new one released just the other day might ceck it out

I am a wuss when it comes to cold weather riding. My feet do not like being on the road bike after the mercury dips below 5 degrees.
That being told I have moved the bike indoors and set it up on the trainer for the winter months.
I have already settled into a respectable routine of just spinning and sweating.
I am still riding in the woods mind you.
Anyone else a candy ass like me.

What are your training secrets while on the trainer?

Oh yeah, baby! We share the sissy lineage!
Ha ha ha. I’m certain you caught my historic blurb 'bout very chilly little willy, but I’m hoping to get more miles in on the road and simply added long johns and full-fingered gloves until it’s stupid cold.
Having said that, I also have a mag trainer and a slew of spinerval / CTS rips. I used to do fartlek and intervals years ago - but really have no interest in that workload over the winter! I expect I’ll be more motivated just spinning and watching cycling movies like A Sunday In Hell and rips of Cervelo’s Beyond The Peloton documentary clips (I made a DVD to share with my neighbour).

(BTW I believe Beyond The Peloton will become the definitive road cycling movie. Check out the clips at

I may have to put that on my Christmas list.

my road bike is on the trianer now I’ve still be riding a fair bit outdoors though

and i have a tonne of spinervals and CTS vids is also cool…