Traveling to Kelowna BC in May

Hey everyone, I’m traveling to Kelowna on May 14th, 2022 for a few days. Can anyone help with recommendations for best place to rent a MTB bike and local trails to ride? Thanks in advance!

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Call around for bike rentals

For trails to ride, hit up smith creek and the Crawford trails if you have a car. If your riding in town, the trails on Knox mtn are fun


I’ve ridden there a bunch, though not in the past 3 years. Smith Creek and Crawford (Myra Bellevue Pro Park) were also my favourites.

If you have the time, I recommend heading to Vernon (Kal/King Eddy/Ellison) or Penticton (Three Blind Mice). There’s a lot of variety in terms of difficulty, and I don’t know what kind of riding you’re looking for, but those places will entertain most riders.

One thing to keep in mind is that, in May, the higher elevation riding will be closed. The trail systems listed above should be fine, but stuff around Silver Star or Big White will be closed, as will the bike parks.


Thanks for the tips!

Appreciate your insight, thanks!

Knox is a great place to start and easy to find. The other places are amazing as well. Penticton is definitely worth the long drive if you have enough time. (Three blind mice) Amazing view of the city at Knox and people are very friendly. But do NOT leave you bike unlocked or even unattended for a little bit, it will be gone in a flash. Just what I’m told by some people I’ve met on the trail and a friend that lives there.