Traveling with bikes in a trailer

Hey folks, I’m heading up to Quebec on a family vacation this summer and want to bring 3 or 4 bikes as well as the dog, camping supplies, paddle board, family of 4 etc… I’ve got a Honda CRV and short of putting the dog on the roof I think the only way to do it is to rent a trailer. I’ve been looking at the 5’ x 9’ uhaul utility trailers and think it will work. I’m wondering if anybody here has used trailers to haul their MTB’s around and if you have any tips or tricks for it.


2X4s deck screws , Spongy rubber Home Depot mats, zip ties. pM me to see in person or for more detailed pics. Cheap setup for a utility trailer


Thanks for the cool pics! That is a slick setup you’ve got. Due to a turn of events I no longer need to haul my gear on a trailer.