Trees down on Fight

I came upon 4 or 5 trees down across the trail at Fight today. 1st was going up the hill to the Halifax sign and was obvious. The others appeared quite suddenly on the lake loop, the last being just after the bridge before Flat Lake. I could only manage to move one so beware.

If riders will post other areas, particularly in and around Whopper/Suzie Lake area, where they see trees down, I may be able to get at them in the next week or so. It helps to know where and how many because tools are heavy and I rather not lug them any further than I have to.

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Thanks for sending out the heads up and the offer to clear them out. If it wasn’t for volunteers, we’d have no trails.

Rode Lou’s and the Attic at Fight last night and there were a few small trees/ branches down, but nothing serious. Ran into 2 riders who said the same about Lake Loop.

Hopefully the trail elves will come out to clear them away, or when my buddy and I ride the full loop next time we will have a go at moving or cutting them up…

Thanks for the heads up @Wayners, as coming up on downed trees is always hazardous, especially if you have substantial speed.

Just got out of fight. I rode the attic and the lake loop and I cleared all trees from the trail. Enjoy !


That’s great! I was thinking of heading in with the dog and a hand saw tomorrow. Guess I can go riding instead! Thanks!