Trek recalls quick releases on 998000 bikes

… because people are dumb and don’t know how to use them…

bonus is if you do have an affected bike, you get a new free q/r and a $20 Bontrager gift card

Just read an article on the issue and it seems it could very well affect other manufacturers as well.

I bet, stupidity knows no bounds.

Putting the QR lever on the non-disc side probably wouldn’t fix this problem, right?

So this is a quick release on a quick release?

i.e. the press release is intended for those who don’t press the release?

An updated recall: 1.5 million bikes, 13 companies, spanning from 1998 to 2015. qr levers just aren’t that hard to use properly. I guess they’re covering their butts for the Darwin Award winners.

These people should probably just avoid bikes altogether…

“Consumers should immediately stop using the bicycles”


The best part is the recalled quick releases are only a hazard when you ride with them in the FULLY OPEN position.

I guess its easier to recall/replace a million QRs than to just tell a few complainers “you’re using it wrong!”

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Unless you’re Apple.

‘Oh, your phone loses its signal when you hold it too tight? Then stop holding it that way.’

Problem solved.

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You’ve all done the pencil test, right?