Tri The Oval II - February 17th

The second installation of the wildly successful Tri the Oval winter triathlon.

Running, skating and Cycling combined on Halifaxs’ central playground including the Skating oval.

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This year there will be 2 waves and 80 participants. The waves are set by skating speed. I am participating, and I think my skate time will be somewhere dead middle of the pack.

Last year there was just hard ground to ride on. Maybe this year the snow will stay!

It is a blast and there may even be a few spots opened up due to drop outs.

I am also doing this race in a team setting, we placed 3rd last year. The biking should definitely be interesting this year!

Good luck to everyone participating this Sunday. I hope to be able to make it down to take it all in.

I think the biking will be boring this year sadly. If the warmth and rain are here, we will be forced to stick to the paved paths. Oh well, winter in Halifax is always interesting.

So how was it?

We managed to get started in the lull of the rain so that was nice.

The skate went off perfectly. It was a bit nicer for us on hockey skates as the softness of the ice seemed to slow the speed skaters a bit. Of course they still lapped up a few times.

The rain left most of the commons a sheet of ice, so they limited the bike portion to the paved and cleared paths with a section on a baseball diamond that was deep slush. Most people ran their bikes through the slush. As the course was quite crowded, attempting to ride through the slush wasn’t worth it to me. I managed the 6th fastest bike time of the day, right behind Dustin.

The run was wet wet wet wet. Many puddles, slush, some deep mud. All fun. But it sucks the life out of you.

I went into this with the remains of the head cold and lack of any decent sleep, but still managed 9th overall.

I am very glad I switched to the non studded tires. I also locked out the front shock for the few bumps that were to be had.

9th is great! Congrats, especially given the conditions. I was going to go down and cheer you on, but the rain motivated me otherwise I’m afraid.

That’s cool, I was certainly not excited about heading out in the rain either. I was happy with my performance, especially given my inability to breathe.

it was still a ton of fun, a lot warmer than last year. I did the run and it was crazy wet, and a little section of snow ice and mud. I had the 3rd fastest run for the team runners, we came in 5th in the teams. Great times!