Truck racks and roof top tent

… looking for recommendations in HRM or online for the best places to find a truck bed rack and rooftop tent for my 2019 Honda Ridgeline. Any advice on what to buy is also appreciated. :beers: Nick


Hmmm when it comes to truck accessories I’ve had the best luck with Apple auto glass on kempt road. Great service great pricing

Action in Dartmouth can get the stuff however their prices are obsurd. Thy wanted $1000 for a back rack to fit my 2018 canyon… paid 300 at apple


I have the Yakima Skyrise medium tent on the back of my truck with the old style Yakima bedrock roundbars. I am using the heavy duty round bars as they flex much less. I’m a big fan of the tent and its pretty easy to take on and off with 2 people. I am playing around with the idea of either getting the Yakima Outpost HD system or building my own rack. Currently my tent sits flush with the box using the bedrock clamps and bars. But I would like to have it sit a little higher so that the top of the folded tent is flush with the cab roof so that I can have a bit more storage space in the bed. I personally don’t want the tent above the roofline as I leave it on all spring/ summer/ fall and don’t want to subject it to getting blasted by the elements/ bugs/ rocks/ etc while driving around. I can only speak to the Yakima tent as it is the only one i’ve ever owned. I have heard good things about Wild Coast tents and now that the OG Tepui is owned by Thule they are probably slightly more readily available.

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I got a smittybilt last year and made a rack for it. I got it through 4wheelparts in Fredericton. It was easier and cheaper for them to order it and ship to Dartmouth than to ship it directly to me through their website.
I was running a cap on the truck so just needed a brace inside the cap to hold the weight. I’m getting a rack made next week for it since I want to ditch the cap and keep the tonneau. I’ll post pics when it’s done. This was the set up last year.


Dream setup :+1:

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Looks like a tonne of fun!

Make sure you post some pics if you find something, I’d love to see the set up on a Ridgeline (also have a 19 Ridgeline)

My setup isn’t quite as dialed as @Stormshadow but here’s a couple pictures of my simple setup.


Found a rack that works (vantech p3000 and think I could get a Yakima overhaul rack to work as well as the Ridgeline has pre-installled bolts under the bed side covers.

So just a matter of drilling out the plastic in the right places.

Will let you know what I find.

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There is a company in Bear River that makes tents, Wild Coast I think is the name . I personally haven’t tried them but heard from a few people who have them they are happy

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