Truro Railyard has it going on

Holy crap they have so much happening at the Truro Railyard. Definitely worth the drive.

I’m not even two minutes into the trail and then I come across this young dude with a gas powered dual tracked wheelbarrow/dirt&gravel lugger. Then right after that there’s this woman decked out in work clothes and a safety vest pulling roots and shit! She’s super chipper and tells me to have a great ride!?! Oh wait, there’s more. Minutes later there was a jeep with a trailer full of seedlings and two tree planters are filling an open space with them.

Oh yeah, the trails kicked ass. What a great trail system. We’re so fortunate to have this.


Small town Atlantic Canada has got this whole trail thing dialled.


Gotta get down there to check it out


And if anyone is looking for a tour guide give me a shout!!! Some days I can even sneak away from work :slight_smile:


One of my favourite places to ride. It has something for pretty well everyone except the granite like at Macintosh Run.

Skills park is great too. I’m planning to to take some folks new to mtb up there to show them around.

Heads up the “newest” “old” trail in the park is named Mobettah for now.

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Rode there today. Awesome time, great weather and only a few wet spots.

Lots of people out riding, walking - must have been 15 people at the jump lines today. Very popular!

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Hitting the jump lines tmmrw late AM w my two boys and a couple friends, love that place!

Finally made it to the Railyard today.

When we got there 1 child didn’t want to ride, 1 rode for a bit but kept on jumping off his bike and running ahead the 3rd started having an allergic reaction to something.

Liked what I saw, next time I’ll take less kids…