Truro Ride Monday

Truro Ride

Location: Victoria Park - Young St. Barnhill Ext. trailhead
Difficulty: beginner/intermediate

Notes: dress appropriately, bring spare clothes for post beverages if desired

I’d like to ride Truro on Thanksgiving Monday. If someone more knowledgable of the trail system would like to meet me that would be awesome!

I’m thinking an 1100am start time at the top parking lot off Young street (Barnhill ext if I’m correct?), Please correct me if I’m wrong.

See you there!

This is not an official ECMTB ride.

10am or 11am? The times are different above.

Should be 11am.

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Shoot. I would love to go but can’t make it until 1pm

Will let you know by tomorrow night :crossed_fingers:

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won’t be able to make it sadly :frowning:

And of course just like everything else I plan to do, I can’t make it. Thanks to my family for arranging a thanksgiving dinner at this time :weary: hope to meet up with everyone soon!

Still planning to casually cruise the jump lines in the new callus cut tomorrow