Trusting the Trust Shout

I’m not sure if I’m ready to move to a linkage fork but this clip shows that the Shout is sturdy.

These are some of my favourite trails from home, it’s a small park right on the edge of downtown Wellington and provided great lunchtime or after work riding. You could get a good hour loop in, 45 mins up 15 down.

edit: some advice on how to embed a YouTube video would be greatly appreciated.

S4 is offering a trade in deal on the Trust forks… you could potentially pick one up for just under $2000 +tax and shipping.

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Fixed. Just paste the link, no [ ] needed.

I can’t justify the cost of a linkage fork, especially for something that I don’t love the look of, but I would really like to try one out if I get the chance.

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I can’t resist… 1992%20Kona%20Future%20Shock


Interesting! Probably a good deal to some, however I don’t think I’d even do a straight trade of my current boost fork for the shout, let alone sell it for $700 towards a shout :unamused:

I’m also picturing all the service those linkage bearings would need, then again I am mechanically ignorant to the inner workings of any fork so I could be wrong

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I rode a Girvin Vector 2 for a couple of years. It had a similar back and up axle path. Small bumps it was fine, go over a stairstep type drop about 12-14" high and it would turn the bike into a catapult. The front end would tuck under and the back end would come up and you go flying over the bars no matter what your body position was.

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I received a concussion from a Girvin Vector fork… but I would not consider the Trust forks to be anything like them. Not that I would ever buy a Trust fork anyway.