Trying to change the cleats in my shoes

Anyone have any tips for getting the bolts out. I’m afraid I have stripped the heads enough that the allen key doesn’t quite fit anymore. If they were not quite as seized up the allen key would still work I think.

get a brand new allen key. take a pick and clean out the bolt head hole as much as you can. also clean out all around the cleat and the sliding plate then spray some penetrating fluid on it. remove your sole and see if you can get at it from the inside with the lube as well. take the allen key and put it in a vice so that the short end is now facing up. place the shoe down over the allen key so that it fits into the bolt head and use the shoe to turn the bolt in the cleat. using the shoe gives you more leverage and allows you to keep pressure down on the bolt to help prevent it from slipping. if it’s striped then you are going to have to drill the head off the bolt. use a real good sharp bit, go slow and use cutting fluid and cool the metal of so you don’t melt the sole of your shoe.

Darkmyth has the method…

It’s a common problem, I usually just go right to drilling them out, use a bit that is bigger than the threaded part of the cleat bolt, the head will just pop off once you get down so far. then you can use some pliers to remove the broken bolt from the threaded plate. I sometimes just toss the plate inside the shoe and use a fresh one.

THe best tip is to liberally apply grease before installing them :wink:

I find these extractors are great and well worth the money.

I got 'em out last night. Penetrating oil and scraping everything out the best you can is key. I was able to snap the little plate that sits in the cleat off and this exposed a little more of the head and threads. Once the penetrating oil settled in they came out with just the right amount of elbow grease and by holding my tongue the right way.

I will grease the shit out of them before I put the new ones in

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