Tues and/or Wed aft ride?

Work sched might have me on at nights for Tues/Wed, so anyone around/interested in riding Whopper, Evil or Flight in the afternoon (say around 1:30-2:00)?
Work sched isn’t 100% but looks like I’ll have some time in the afternoon so far anyway.

I haven’t been to any of them yet but from what I’ve seen/heard on here, and on trailforks they look like a good go so want to check them out!
Got my gears set up on the weekend minus a mount so I’ll have to jimmy rig that somehow but I’m sure I’ll figure it out.

Anyone interested, let me know!

I have afternoon meetings today, but I work nights and am looking for someone to ride with in the afternoons. Post up or shoot me a msg if you have an afternoon off and it’s a nice day. I know my way around Spider and Whopper, though I’m far from an expert.

Sounds good, will do. I’m more often working in the day, but schedules do change for us all the time… we work some nights here and there or sometimes a week at a time.