Turkey Neck Tools?

Last I heard some guys had to get the macleods online.

What is the best PACKABLE tool that will be effective in ripping/chopping out turkey necks? I am not interested in riding Fight Trail with a Pulaski in my Camelbak. I was thinking of sharpening my army grade folding shovel and using it in hoe/pick axe mode to get them out. Any other ideas?

there’s a local company, can’t remember the name. they have a flipsaw that kicks ass for many trail maintenance situations. a serated flip saw that’s about the size of your average pump, it flips open like a pocket knife.
i think ben12, he’s on this site, works for the company. check it out

Trailblazer…best products ever!!!

The loppers are amazing as well. They have a full line of garde tools too.

yes trail blazer. thanx. (lol)
my flip saw is always in the pack. very handy.

Will a saw work any well on old stumps, though? I have the folder, and can’t see it being great fun for that.

if the stump is too big you dig a circle around the stump and cut the at the roots. use stump to lever itself out.

Cool. I shall try that. Right now, the most I’m looking at is where someone cuts a tree no bigger than 2" down, but leaves the last few inches poking out of the ground, usually at the bottom of a drop/steep. Just enough to grab a wheel, or give you a good poke.

if trees absolutly have to be removed, we’ve been using this method to get it done with new trail, and no turkey necks will pop up in the future. plus there’s less roots to deal with. mini loppers work well for this process too.

What are turkey necks? Would an axe be applicable?

I assume they are referring to tiny stumps that are between two and five inches in height. Usually left when lopping out saplings. An axe will work but is not really practical. Getting at the roots and removing them whole is the key thing. However if you are skilled with a hand saw you can cut them very low.

Ah, loppers. I should really get me some. Good call. Thanks.

I like carrying a collapsible bucksaw in my pack. It’s about the size and weight of a pump, and will clear downed trees up to 12" diameter. They won’t be as quick as loppers for ‘turkey necks’ but would be able to cut them at ground level in short order and are far easier ro carry.

I removed a 36" diameter tree out with my take down buck saw from Trail blazer tools just the other day.
My arms are still sore, but the big shit eating grin still remains!!

Best trail tool EVER!


Best trail tool EVER!


Tricky to fit in your pack though…

Anyone know where you can find MacLeod tools in hrm??

I thought Lee Valley had them, but I might be getting confused with a Pulaski tool. Either way, try them. If they don’t, they might know who does.