Ultrasonic Cleaners

Curios if anyone is using ultrasonic cleaners regularly for bike maintenance? Looking to discuss Pros, Cons and what degreasers or fluids people are using.

I recently experimented with a pretty high end model with some interesting results.


I’ve had good luck with cleaning cassettes and chains in the one I have access to. I’m using a water based cleaning solution and use hot tap water when I clean the parts. This one also has a heater function to keep the liquid warm while doing its thing. Be sure to read the label on any solution made for ultrasonic cleaners, some of them aren’t safe to use on aluminum.

Does a good job of cleaning hard to reach places and keeping my shiz looking good.

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The one I used also had a heat, auto shut off with timer etc. large enough to fit an entire cassette, crank arm etc.

Was pretty surprised at the speed it basically made everything look brand new at.

I was also surprised when my black cranks and chain rings came out silver.

Not sure I will ever hand clean a bolt again.


What model do you have? I’ve been curious about ultrasonic cleaners, but never took the plunge. Do you have a tray big enough for a full cassette or are you cleaning half and then rotating it?

U could fit multiple full cassettes.

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I have one, its smaller, 1.5L. I use it for small parts mostly, nuts, bolts, etc. But also chains, chainrings, etc. It has programable heat/cleaning.
Works great, I use a solution of water and simple green.

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The 6L size is under $200, I would think that it would have enough space for a cassette though those 51T ones are pretty big. 30L seems like a kitchen sink sized one.

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Can you get “simple green” locally?

I’ve seen it around locally but usually at industrial facilities. It’s probably available from Acklands or one of the cleaning companies in burnside.

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Canadian Tire sells Simple Green


That’s where I’ve gotten it too. It’s a great all around natural cleaner and you don’t need to worry about it too much.

FWIW I use the purple HD variety of Simple Green, as it is safe for all metal surfaces.

I never had a problem with the green variety, but have heard of cases where it damages aluminum finishes if left in contact for long periods of time (for example, insufficient rinsing).


Wow, I had no idea such a thing existed. Pretty cool.

I use this exact 30L model at work. I spoke to a chemist at Bebbington’s in Burnside and they suggested using their in house All purpose Degreaser diluted 10:1 at 50 celcius as it’s safe on all metals. It makes it very economical.


Wondering if you can use the ultrasonic cleaner on contaminated brake pads? And rotors as well?

I don’t think it would be enough honestly, once rotors/pads get contaminated, it takes quite a lot of effort to get them back, often its just not possible, depending what got on them.

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I see. Just don’t want to waste the brake pads I have at home lol

Put the rotors in the dishwasher.

Throw the pads away and get new.