Upper service road jumps - the gorge

By the race tower on the upper service road at the gorge there is a small set of jumps leading into one of the connectors trails, they are pretty fun but that spot would be sweet to build a bigger jump line parallel to it, taller and longer sets along the service road. Would anyone else be interested in this as well? If there’s enough interest I’d like to petition this or whatever you do to get it started and volunteer my time to build them


@Pepperjester would be the person to start that conversation.


Yeah we need bigger jumps


That land is owned by the town of Kentville (to the best of my knowledge).

There is an amazingly excellent relationship between the town and local mountain bikers. Kentville supports the scene to a level that is above and beyond (Canada Cup Support!) in Nova Scotia. I can’t begin to list the ways they contribute to the mtb scene.

Please do not modify or build anything on the town’s land before contacting the town. Although they have been open to many ideas over the past few years, proper channels must be followed here.

Ryan @TrailFlow is another person to contact regarding the Gorge and the trails therein.


Didn’t plan to build anything without proper approval as indicated in my post, just checking for interest in it before moving forward. I assumed Ryan @Pepperjester would be the first conversation to start the wheels rolling if there’s enough interest :slight_smile:


Larger jumps have always been on the plan for that local. The ones there were built in the winter when it was frozen solid. I could only move so much ice haha. I spaced the current jumps so a larger set with proper flowy pump pits would fit in beside them, there just hasn’t been time yet to get to it.

Hold tight until later this fall. I’ll have time to bring the mini back in and work on the big line then. I’ll post up here when the world will be done, would welcome a helper when the hand shopping happens.


Awesome! I’d love to lend a hand, the gorge is going to become my “go to” trail based off convenience of location and encouraged by my new pedal friendly bike :wink: looking forward to a nice big set of boosty tabletops! (Maybe we can throw some gaps in??? :smiling_imp:)


Yeah I’d love to help build some good sized gaps we need some

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@Pepperjester @riderx any insight on how fast the gorge dries up? Curious if it’s worth checking out later this afternoon, I don’t mind getting muddy but I don’t want to risk damaging any sensitive areas.

It dries out pretty quick. Roots stay slick but a day or two and it’s usually good to go.

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Took a quick rip after inspecting for wet spots to avoid. I stuck to the rootiest parts of the trail. Needless to say I washed out a few times on roots when I had the bike leaned over :joy: had a blast and a few scrapes along the way

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Hey @Pepperjester thoughts on revisiting this project in the coming thawing of the ground?


yep. I’m game to work on this in once things melt out a bit more