Urban Freeride lives - Fabio Wibmer


Great video! Reminds me of the great urban rides that used to go down back in the early days… Dartmouth Commons, Sackville with the theater drop and downtown Hali…

Does anyone do urban rides anymore?

Do not currently but building up a bike that would be good for that…

Good stuff. And yep , still do that sort of thing. It’s a great way to work on your skills and have some fun when there trails are soft. (Stay on the concrete if the grass if soft too)

Those crazy long jumps down a narrow stairway with a kick of the rear tire in there too. Insane in the membrane!

I think I asked this a few years ago, but does any one have the video of the Fall River Freeride Boys doing the Miller Tire (niow TireCraft) drop in Burnside or pics of any of their crazy built sky bridges and drops they built in the woods of Fall River?
These lads were fearless and super inspirational to us fledgling freeriders… our equivilent of some of the early freeride hero’s on the west coast.


That certainly brings back some memories! I may have some pictures or videos saved on my computer. I’ll have to at some point.