Used Tires - 29in and 26in tires

1x Kenda Small Block 8 Very good shape
2x Bontrager XDX Knobs have lost their edge, but some wear life to go
1x Geax AKA Good shape

All 29er tires for two tall cans of craft beer.

1x Minion DH front super tacky Very good
1x Minion DH rear super tacky Very good

The pair of 26er tire for a 6 pack of craft beer.

Note: Located in Port Hood, Cape Breton. I am planning a day trip to the Keppoch at some point in July.

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I would be interested in the 26" tires, though you’re quite aways away from me (I’m in Halifax).

Make a day of it, great beaches and back roads to explore!
I won’t be heading into HRM unfortunately, closest will be Antigonish.

Are the 26ers still available?

I’m not longer in the province, I ended up throwing out some and taking the rest back w/ me.