Valley Ride August 10th

I’m thinking we need a big ride in the valley.

Start at the Reservoir Park, Gorge/P2, Pumphouse and see how much energy is left for the links. We can do it in pieces or we can tackle it all at one time.

Who is interested?

Cool, I’m in.

Count me in.

If we can blow all the dust off the bikes we may make it.

Sounds awesome, what about Anima Mundi? I’m not sure if I have the time…what time are you thinking of starting?

That could be quite fun, if I can swing it with wife and kiddies…

Sounds good I’m in.

As many know Valley Stove and Cycle is slated to open tomorrow. There is a lot of work left to be done so I will be checking to see if I’m needed or not tomorrow. My hope is no, but we’ll have to see.

Lots of us are riding woodville at 9am tomorrow (10th) at 9am.

Wish I could be there but unfortunately duty calls…next week let’s aim for the epic ride.

Ok Im in for next Sun Keep me posted on details