Valley Rides - Sunday June 8

Any rides going on in the Valley tomorrow? The weather looks great, so I’m heading down to do some riding. I’d like to try the Gorge and Wolfville reservoir. I’ve got the whole day so I’m flexible. If anyone wants to carpool from Halifax or just meetup down there let me know.

I will check with the wife, as me riding in the Valley means she has the kids…

A group from the AVMBA are going to be riding some classic trails in the Gaspereau valley tomorrow morning at 8:30am. Lots of older singletrack and a screaming DH on the way back.

The Gorge will be wet tomorrow, but Wolfville in reservoir will be much better in the wet.

Thanks for the heads up. Where’s the Gaspereau trailhead? If I can get on the road early enough I may join you there. If not I’ll check out the reservoir.

We meet at the Gaspereau elementary school. It’s about a 10 minute drive up from downtown Wolfville. Ride is about 2 hours long, we plan to hit up Anima Mundi and other classics.,-64.351766,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x4b5854e81d712ad1:0xb7636b522ba06a24

Cool, thanks.

Anima Mundi is worth the trip for sure, lots of whoops, I haven’t got there this year. Rode at the Reservoir on Thurs evening with light rain and it was perfect, grippy, fast and smooth.

the classic loop that josh is talking about is 100% awesome. good ride.

Ok I’m sold. Leaving early to make the 8:30 ride.

Stephen, are you in?

Didn’t rain here yesterday at all so the trails should be pretty excellent today. Tacky and fast! Enjoy.

P/S Check back in in Wolfville in about a two weeks as we’re soon going to be opening up another trail segment and bunch more features in the skills park. :slight_smile:

kiddie commitments unfortunately, next time…

Anima mundi was a blast, thanks for the tour guys.

And the reservoir was in great shape, nice work in there. I’ll be back to check out the new stuff for sure.