Value of My Bike

2015 Rootdown XL trying to put a price on it in the current market.

Hope rear wheel, Sunringle Front
Rockshok Pike 140 RCT3 with Vorksprung Upgrade
New Onza Tires,
ARD inserts
Slx 1x11 drivetrain
Saint Cranks
Brand New X fusion dropper
Chromag BZA stem with Turbine bars
Deore 615 brakes
Chris king Bottom bracket.

Photo doesn’t show new parts.


I think you would have to compare it to similar new bikes like maybe the Rocky Mountain Growler and price it in consideration to those.

Your bike may have better parts but may be tough to get the true value out of those parts given they are used but this is also a seller’s market.

I want it. If you’re serious about selling.


I think I am. It’s gonna be hard to part with it but I’d like to reduce the number of bikes and want a new bigger travel rig.

I’m not sure what to ask for it, I just put like 500 or so into it I was planning on keeping it forever

Didn’t know onZa was still in business. Do they still make the porcupine?

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They do the porcupine the ibex the aguilla at a minimum are still available. The ibex on this seem to be a really really good trail tire