Velo Cape Breton - looking for MTB input

From the Velo Cape Breton facebook page

We need your Voice!
Have you ever thought to yourself, “I wish we had a nice trail system for myself, family and community to mountain bike on in the CBRM?” Perhaps you find it hard to make the time to travel off island to take in some great single-track riding. You’ve always wanted to get into the sport but haven’t had the opportunity to try It. Or, the facilities aren’t available to learn and develop the skills. You are one of many who are part of a rapidly growing interest in seeing the development of a mountain bike trail system in the CBRM, as well as opportunities for programs and clubs. Discussions are in place, and in order to take the next step and make this a reality, we need your voice!

We are looking for individuals with any level of interest in getting involved, and would love to hear your thoughts, ideas, and any way you are interested in helping make then happen.

Please contact Aaron Whiteway at or phone @ 902-565-6025.

Editor’s note: You do not need to be a “hard core” mountain biker for this. If you just want to ride easy “rail trails” in designated, sheltered areas, away from traffic, then we want your help. A system of easy trails for casual riders will be a great start.


Would be a great oportunity for tourism if properly executed.

Sorry just found this page but are we supposed to just call that number and say we are interested or what?