Vic Park PSA

Aaron Tooker asked me to pass this along:

Hello all, Well… we’re getting bigger and it’s starting :smiley:. I have two items to give as a heads up. Recently a hiker commented to a staff member they could not enjoy their walk in the upper park as there was so much MTB traffic and they had to continually get out of the way, they didn’t realize that the Railyard was built and meant for MTB’ing but they were educated on the intended layout purposes of the park and Railyard trails.

That being said the second heads up is that when we are in the lower park trails ( ie. Vibert, Serpentine etc.) we need to ensure the walkers have the right of way and that we keep our speed to a slower pace especially going down any route that is in the lower park(which can be hard to do). I think it’s a good thing someone commented on the MTB traffic because that means all the hard work we’ve done as a MTB community is paying off by bringing more locals and outside MTB enthusiasts in to enjoy the trail network which the Town, Park and local shops will benefit from.

Thanx again to the trail caretakers who are up there 5 days a week maintaining and building trails, can only imagine what it will look like 3yrs from now!

Get out and ride!:mountain_biking_woman: