Vic Park Route Suggestions

Looking for good route options to string together at Vic Park in Truro. I have Trailforks Pro so hopefully I can follow along with any suggestions you guys might have. Hoping to get up there this weekend.

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Ditto! Wouldn’t mind some suggestions myself.

Park top of Young Street.
Pipeline to B & B,
B&B to Getting Busy
Getting Busy to Bruce’s Trail
End of Bruce’s trail turn right, then right again, up Lewis road to pipeline
Pipeline to Fall From Grace
Fall From Grace to Upper Flow Trail - Lower Flow Trail
Lower flow trail turn right onto Lewis rd, turn left onto water treatment plant road, first right onto reservoir loop
Pandemonium - End of Pandemonium, turn right then left onto stacked, End of stacked turn left up ring road.
Top of ring road you can shoot down Cooked and then back up ring road.
Top of Ring road, turn right into MacCabe’s loop, end of MacCabe’s turn right down reservoir loop, then left onto McCready trail, end of McCready turn left up Reservoir loop to MacCabes woods road. Up that to Slim Connection, end of slim turn left up ring road, come down trash talking.
End of trash head into stick em up, cut back across pandemonium go straight across and do bootleg, hang a right then a left down connection.
Connection to start me up, then hang a left down lewis road, first left onto connection then first right onto satisfaction - Pines turn right at the end of pines and go play in the skills park for a bit.
Once you are done in the skills park go down upper flow trail, come down fall from grace and down pipeline back to your car.

In total its about 18km or so… you can shorten it by not doing the trails on the right and just starting by going up fall from grace.

not sure if this link will work or not:


Cooked, McCabe, and Stairway were all closed on Saturday–have they reopened?

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I think I’ve seen that cooked is back open.

Sunday McCready’s was a swamp. Be gentle out there.


Cooked opened yesterday, MacCabe opened on Monday, still some soft spots they say.

Stairway would still be closed…


start at pipeline and do bnb, start me up, connection, corkscrew, upper flow, lower flow, the pines, connector, move into ponds and then across the reservoir to wipeout, hawk, evergreen, switchman, reservoir loop, treesum mccready, then up mccabes, down cooked, stacked, pandemonium, dive in if ya want, bootleg, connection, back to car.

may sunstitute cooked and stacked for trash talking and stick em up