Victoria Park


Skill Level: Beginner / Intermediate

Location: Truro, NS

Trail Head:: Wood St

Trail Forks: Victoria Park (trails needed)

Website: Victoria Park

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Hey! I made a ride plan for good coverage of the park with minimal overlap. If you guys could review and confirm that would be great!

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Added a confirm. @rolls?



Expansion plans?! Hopefully nothing is in jeopardy.

Is there some way to put this in my garmin? Feeling old.

@Drgonzo from what I’ve heard Vic park is currently 1000 acres and the town recently acquired an additional 3000 acres to expand the park.


@Drgonzo suppose to be some big things over the next few years. Parks expanded, washrooms, bigger parking lot, etc. They’ve got 2 full time employees managing the trail system right now and it’s never been better!


It’s in great shape, loving all the work that’s being done.

With regard to improvements, do you know the best way to provide some feedback on trails? The rock work that holds up the jump/drop on Trash Talking is starting to look a little loose, and there are a few spots (B & B, Start Me Up) that were still wet despite the long dry spell. I’m a bit far away to do much in the way of trail work, but wanted to try to bring attention to a couple of spots. :slight_smile:


They have been working. I think it’s just a matter of so much to do so little time. I will definitely bring up drainage in the meeting. We have good trails and they dry up fast except for a few spots where a bit of rockwork or crusher rock and dirt over drainage would be ideal.

That and a few very awkward rollers, and narrow trees that dont really mesh well with modern handlebar width.

Also it looks like they have started to cut out the new addition to Trash Talking, whether it will be called Trash Talking or something else. Just above Trash Talking there is a cut trail heading into the woods.


Totally get that. I’m just surprised that in the case of B&B and Start Me Up, the problem areas are so close to the parking lot and so accessible, which seems like low-hanging fruit to me. Thanks for bringing it forward at the meeting for us!

Now tell us more about this new trail above Trash… :slight_smile:

Yeah certainly is. I think both are on 10 most popular trail list on trail forks as well.

Well lore has had it trash talking is getting a major extension. Last night I noticed a cut trail that looks like it has been traveled by an ATV or mini machine. Due to the distance from trash I’d bet this is part of the new trail being built or at least cut in.


From the Bike Truro FB page:

Lots of excitement going on in the Railyard lately! Not one but two new trails! The latest one is a jump line that is off of McCabe Loop, it’s entrance is about 3/4’s of the way through on the right hand side when you come in from Trash Talking. It’s nearing completion and looks like a lot of fun!