Victoria Secret 2016

Just a couple shots I got of the race today :slight_smile: Post yours if you got some :slight_smile: Was a great day.

2 Likes Photos my girlfriend shot at the race.

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I dont know if these links will work, but I seen these on facebook

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Number 84 thought it was a bike-packing trip and not a race!

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Thanks! I saved that one. Great shot. I don’t know the person who shot it

Great pics! Awesome to see so many folks out.

I shall ask this now…for those who posted pics, may I possibly use a pic as the header on either the Facebook or website? I will give credit for the picture if I do of course.

He read the β€œAm I Ready?” thread and really took it to heart.

The results are in :slight_smile:

riderx the pictures I posted are mine, do with them as you wish. the ones I got from facebook are not. I think adventurer knows the lady who took them. not sure.

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