Video camera jig for 2010

Thats looking really good. You’re gonna be producing some gold this year.

so if anyone wasnt aware, ive taken some video last year of some of the local shenanigans. this turned out to be quite fun, both in the biking, and just getting out more.
ive done some research on how to bring a little more life and a little better look to my videos. the first thing i realized, was if i was going to continue taking video i need a little better camera, so i did some research on cameras in my price range. this was $0-$700 there was a couple out there in this range around christmas time… however i notice now, that there is a few more newer options. i ended up getting a sony cx100 this was a smaller of the hd cameras as well it has a much better sensor than many of the other cameras.
after taking my first video i noticed that the newer camera picked up on all my movements, shake and poor focus. so this is how i got the camera jig process started. i was looking for a steady cam type unit and got looking into this camera boom/jig.
so its about 8 feet long, the camera stays parallel with the ground throught the movement. i am in the process right now of breaking it down even further, portability is my main goal here. so i am hoping to end up with several pieces that are anywhere from 3’-4’ long.

here is what i got so far.
9’ aluminum 1/4’ square tube
4’ steel 1/2’
5lb weight
7’ aircraft grade cable
2 steel ‘L’ brackets
heavy duty cart wheel, minus the wheel.
various nuts and bolts.

the cart wheel is flipped upside down and is now used as the pole pivot. take your steel bar attach it to the aluminum bar, and attach both to the pivot. and attach this all to the tripod.
at the camera end. attach the ‘L’ brackets together to make a platform for the camera. at the top of the ‘L’ attach the aircraft cable then attach the other end of the cable to the central point of your pivot. add the weight to the end of the boom to counter the weight of the camera.

voila… job done… hehe contact me if you want better pics or have any questions.

Sorry - Couldn’t copy this image
Sorry - Couldn’t copy this image
Sorry - Couldn’t copy this image

the wheel on the end is just used for a counter balance

here is a short video of some of the movements. this was my first time using this, and it shows great potential for video next year… i cant wait.

nice work be great to get some more vids of the local scene out into the public eye

Wow, that’s pretty sweet. Now you need to figure out how to mount that arm to a helmet for steady helmet cam action.