Video: Descending - Jason Jackett

It would be nice. I have been getting the bug here and there again.

Here’s a little video I made over the early summer.

Sick man. Keep it coming!

Trials just boggles my mind. I can’t even begin to understand how half that stuff is possible. I may not be able to do, but I sure like to watch, Bring it!

Jason MSN’d me this vid. I bet if we had observed trials here, the sport would see a bit of a growth spurt. Enjoy, specially those who speak french!

Aaron, back in the day we used to have trials competitions at every mountain bike race. There were some pretty awesome trials riders around here, too. Not really sure what happened to it but it was entertaining to watch.

Trials certainly were entertaining, I remember Ed Rushton at the Wentworth XC race next to the railroad tracks in the early 90’s working his way up to the top of a wall about 8 feet off the ground and teetering on the edge and taking a drink from his waterbottle before dropping off. Being able to do trials was also a benefit on the trail. I think trials disappeared because like racing it was always the same people entering. Maybe it is time to have them again and invite BMXers.