Video - Wrandees entrance from Exhibition Park

This is a fun drop in from Exhibition Park:

@jetter and @xaero in this one.


We need more winter biking videos like this to show people how awesome it can be.

That looks awesome! That is certainly one thing I miss about Halifax is the stellar riding in winter.

I figure it’s the sheer number of folks who either walk, snowshoe or otherwise beat down the trail that makes it so good in addition to the temperatures.

I haven’t had the time to explore a lot this winter in the valley but most folks hit up the deep powder snow with snowshoes or xc skis.

I will find some snowmobile trails and go for a rip me thinks.

I find out here that there just isn’t the traffic on the trails to get it packed down and when I ski I’m always putting down first/only tracks. @adam and I are trying to get Irishman’s Rd into shape and I’m working on a project to help speed the process along, pictures to follow…


@riderx Halifax gets the milder temps and/or rain that really helps pack down that loose powder.

Rode in from Exhibition Park last night… stellar conditions!

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Honestly – and @bent6543 and @Pepperjester, etc would know much better than I do – this must be the worst weather in years for mountain biking in the Valley. I am quite obviously a crap mountain biker but I could ride stuff the last couple years, not this year.

I did a snowshoe in Mt Uniacke today. The trails are very well packed, snow covered, and looks very enticing to ride. I haven’t checked Reservoir Park in Wolfville lately.

@riderx How well packed was Mt Uniacke? People walking without snowshoes?, could be a good ride for Sunday…