Vision Air Services supports Mountain Bike Halifax and the McIntosh Run Watershed Association in transporting building materials to remote areas of the McIntosh Run Trail Network

Mountain Bike Halifax -

Mountain Bike Halifax would like to thank Vision Air Services for their support in transporting tools and building materials to remote areas of the McIntosh Run Trail Network.

As you may know, there are some significant structures required to span waterways in the McIntosh Run Trail Network - most notably the Flat Lake crossing and the McIntosh Run crossing in the West Pine area. These are significant boardwalk and bridge structures requiring engineered design and special construction. The materials needed to build these structures weigh in at close to 11,000lbs.

Vision Air Helicopter Services has generously offered their services to sling these materials in to remote build sites at a greatly reduced cost to facilitate the construction of these water crossings. This is a significant contribution as delivering these materials to such remote locations is a massive undertaking and would be near impossible to transport by other means.


Here’s some shots of the helo to go with this:


Pure awesomeness.

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yep seen them, wishlist do come true!

That is truly awesome!

It is awesome that Vision air is stepping up for us with this. Many companies would turn it down due to risk and costs but they’re on board.

I believe Vision Air had worked with RPM Productions before and to top it off Andrew L’Esperance’s brother(?), Tim works for them as well. So the stars came into alignment on this one.


And it happened today:

Super awesome.


They also flew in the 4 bridges in keji…good bunch.